There is nothing wrong with being a gold digger. Wanting a spouse who has money is no more wrong than wanting a spouse who is beautiful; not wrong and should not be shamed. It's shamed because it's largely viewed as parasitic and the perception is that in most cases there is some type of con involved.

I agree that no one should be tricked though and so gold diggers need to be honest about why they are attracted to the person they are with, but beyond that. Gold digger encourages greed and the receiving of undeserved wealth and security. There are open gold diggers. They are called findommes.

Gold diggers should be shamed if they're bring nothing to the table except a cute face and bed-room skills. If you want someone on your level in regard to income potential, that's one thing. But if the only thing you've ever done in your life is stay limber, you should be called out when you target men for money. I'd say the same about some fat male slob that has the nerve to criticize women's beauty. A lot of successful men are also arrogant, hot chicks are probably just another trophy.

There are plenty of folks lying, cheating and misleading out here. Some women feign interest to get in a man's wallet, some men feign interest to get in a woman's body. Que sera.

Some women want a guy who's respectful, kind, honest and funny. A little money wouldn't hurt. Some women want a guy who's rich… bonus points if he’s not hard to look at.

People in relationships deserve to be told the truth about their partners intentions. People who are looking to cash in on someone else's wealth by tricking them, playing with feelings, bringing children into phony marriages. I don't agree with that. Be upfront, state your case. Set a price. Let the free market decide if you're worth it. No problem with that.

We all marry or choose a partner for a reason, though the reasons may differ one thing is the same, we are choosing a partner based upon that which we find most desirable, whether it's love, stability, someone that makes us laugh, is good looking or has lots of money. We are still choosing someone because they have something we desire, because they can give us what we want.