Love is a hormonal induced psychosis. So does Schizophrenia and delusional disorder. Psychosis is not "a violent behaviour," the term is used to describe when a person loses touch with reality.

Love is something that evolved to bond two humans together long enough to raise offspring. It does this by creating a delusional state (a psychosis). You can see it in the way people say (and believe) things like "You are my soulmate" or "We were meant to be together" etc. These feelings are often shown to be delusional later on when they split up saying things like "I can't imagine what I ever saw in you."

It's not a bad thing--it's like a good film, you get very involved, have thoroughly good time, but much of it is based on illusion.

"But psychosis will dismantle many aspect of human condition, including their social position, occupation, perhaps even they will have hallucination and delusion or even suicidal thought."

You can easily replace the word “psychosis” with “love” in that sentence and have it all sound rather familiar.

"I think we should referring to ‘love’ in a much wider sense than the biological."

It could be argued that there is no "wider sense" than the biological, and everything that comes under "wider" is part of the psychosis.