I would personally define "spirituality" as a self-private-metaphysical-opinion, held by a single person and not wholly identical to the beliefs of anyone else.

Question: do you believe that this spirituality influences your ability to think logically and rationally? Does it inform or influence your views of science and your understanding of your social views and your opinions on social policy stuff like gender sexuality? Does your self-private-metaphysical-opinion ever influences your externalize affect of your relationships and communication with others?

People spend too much time trying to be clever or contrarian, when there are lots of very obvious answers allotted to us on this planet (perhaps even by God). Of course we should do our best to get along, to enable a brighter future. Anyone getting in the way of that goal must be checked, not with violence, but simply with a bombardment of facts and valid logical arguments.

People can't have the same dreams, the same way of living, or thinking … they will always find a way to split, to be different. So there will always be a religion anyway, even Atheism is a faith of lack of faith. The problem is not in religion, it's in the minds that refuse to accept other and respect them. It's also in the people who trade religion with fortunes hiding under the name of God and those who follow them like sheep.

Religions and all kind of idealism / principles / norms / rules / laws are just "system of control" rather than a "way of life." Whichever side of the fence you sit. Just pick one belief system to suit your own needs and goals. Love this idea we can all get on and live harmoniously being respectful to ourselves and each other.