As there are so many interpretations of holy texts and the God itself, we should study and know the interpretation which matches with the original message. And also, we should study to know what is the original message. After that we can begin to say what God means and what the ancient texts (allegories and metaphors) really mean. We should have a common agreement over such definitions.

Atheists seem to take position only on semi-modern interpretations of God and holy texts instead of studying the way how people have understood such things in the days when these realizations were found. Correct if I'm wrong, I don't want to generalize.

Anyhow. Don't argue about the reflection, argue about the thing as it really is. Atheists, pantheists, religious people, etc, say "We know how the right way to interpretate." This is what I see. A little bit of progress and lots of talking.

I must add that the work of atheists is something I appreciate. They are a group of people who have populirized the critizism of inhumane side of religions. It is important as a reflection for the develpoment of mankind to raise serious issues in the global awareness. Unfortunately, some jerks ruin the good side of atheism, just like some jerks ruin the beautiful humane message of religions.

I learn from both atheists and theists.