Is love real? Or should we reduce it down to simple electrical impulses?

Why we would do that anyway? When you break it down into "simple electrical impulses," those impulses still result in the emotional response called love. Doesn't make it less real, just means it's not magic.

The end of love is like any withdrawal from an addictive substance. In loves case oxytocin and dopamine. Love is an evaluation, the emotions and sensations are a mechanistic chemical brain result. They are not equivalent. Reproducing the result does not give you the cause. Reaching the same feelings does not mean experiencing love.

You can't love without intelligence. All emotions come from your social construct; where you grow up and to what were you exposed. That is until you gather enough experience and wake up and make a solid person out of you thus finding yourself. After that you can logically instigate emotions by just adapting to the nature required for the task.

Spirituality, addiction, sexual orgasm, and romantic love has one thing in common… escape from the burden of "self." Then it would be a futile attempt. According to Gautama, the cessation of self happens when there is the cessation of mind. The cessation of mind means a cessation of volitional formations. So any volition perpetuates the "self."

Why do various electric and chemical messages feel like love, hate, or anything in the first place? How do we distinguish? If you find answer to that, you may know what consciousness is, and what truly unites mind and body means.

For me, love is one of the greatest lessons of life itself. All misery seems to relate to lack of love … and by love I don't mean kisses and hugs, but honest caring of yourself and others. Loving yourself is treating your body and mind like they should be treated, same applies to other people as well. The way how we should treat each other is also a pretty vague concept. It doesn't require so much intelligence to realize what is best for you and others, but it needs a lot of wisdom to act in the most intelligent way. For me, love and wisdom are one and same thing.

One thing for sure … all other kinds of love I can think of, has the element of desire.