Forgiveness is not about denial of your actions or getting away with what someone has done. Forgiveness is about acceptance of reality as it is and moving forward. No matter what you have done, you can do this. It may be acceptance of your final hours on death row and say your final words. For most forgiveness starts with acceptance of reality as is and start making decision you can now with things as they are. Don't let the past weigh you down. Let the agreement with reality guides you.

Your presence is all that's needed to begin to forgive. It's more than acceptance thought. Understanding why you did and realizing you must embrace your current self take time. Accept your punishment if you hurt somebody and realize what you are now and whatever reasons you had in the past that actually happened. Forgive yourself. Bring peace to yourself and utilize times you have left. Forgiveness can be enhanced by facing what you did and leaving fate to the punishment that awaits you.

Be brave.