I do not believe in our ability to see the correct path, but I do believe in our ability to remove the wrong ones and their influences. Right is not always verifiable. But wrong is almost always verifiable by the harm it does.

Children need to learn about all of religions. Keeping children free of any religion is an unrealistic goal so they should be educated on the nature and assertions of every major religion. That way, they will either choose the one that is right for them or realize the whole system is subjective and unprovable and choose to be atheist instead.

Any knowledge can breed prejudice. All you need is for bias to get out of control. This can happen in children as well as adults. Everyone needs to learn logic at an early age. Maybe they wouldn’t grow up to be adults without any idea of what rationality is.

This “it should be considered child abuse to fill children heads with such religion bullshit” perhaps one of the favorites of the irrational atheist arguments against religion. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of arguments against religion. But I prefer the ones that actually make sense realistically. Magic is everywhere in the culture. Even in the language itself. It is better to explain than censor.

Religion doesn't suck for me, but then I picked the one religion that just happens to agree with everything I already thought about the world in the first place.

Everyone lives by something, a belief system, principles, morals, idealism, a religion, whatever it is you believe is exactly that. So the fact that religion is put in a separate category among the atheist interests me. It’s almost like their giving it power even though they don’t believe.