The most of world’s successful people are psychopaths; politicians, CEOs, celebrities, billionaire, person who currently active in the military after engaging in war. Psychopaths can be the nicest and best friends. Because they know that those who give more get back the most in return. And that’s what psychopaths want, the best for themselves. So there is probably two types of psychopaths. The stupid cold ones who rise by elimination and the intelligent ones who rise by being generous and giving. Deep in their heart they both don’t care about the people, but they act differently.

There is a checklist of 20 attributes (I forgot) which a skilled clinician would administer and then review with other doctors. On each of the 20 questions, you can get a score of 0 to 2, with a perfect score being 40. A psychopath scores 35 and above.

The traits they examine are superficial charm, grandiose sense of self worth, need for stimulation, pathological lying — especially when unnecessary, manipulation, lack of remorse, shallow emotions, lack of empathy, parasitic lifestyle, no control of behavior, promiscuous sexual behavior, early behavioral problems, a lack of realistic goals, impulsivity, irresponsibility, abject dereliction of responsibility for one’s own actions, many short term sexual partners / girlfriends / wives, juvenile delinquency, inability to learn when the system offers a second chance, and criminal versatility. I have known a few psychopaths in my life, and the only advice I have is get away as soon as you can.

If you are been told that you’re a psychopath by other people, then you are probably not. What are the tendencies they told you about? And most importantly WHO said it? Just ordinary people, people who don’t like—hate—you, or doctors?

Lacking empathy and remorse are the key features of it, lack compassion and is driven only by ambition; classic textbook description. I think everyone has psychopathic tendencies. Some are just more severe than others. It starts out with small things and it slowly starts to get worse if you or someone doesn’t acknowledge it and aim to fix it. A psychopath doesn’t give a shit and won’t try to change, they will just try to appear to be good people. But to them, everything they do is right, so why would they want to change?