"Study Finds That Men Like Nice Women, But Not the Other Way Around"

What I'm smelling is here is a bunch of guys who probably didn't do very well with the ladies and are "identifying" with the loser who wrote the article which is a highly subjective, bullshit, inaccurate, and unscientific review of a scientific study.

What the real study actually shows is that women are attracted to boisterous, confident, straight-forward men. Not shy, submissive, quiet men. Now, you can make a case that being boisterous, confident, and aggressive men equals jerks, but that case wouldn't be at all scientific. There is nothing in the study to suggest women are strictly targeting jerks. Nor is there anything in the study that showed that those men are in fact jerks or not nice people. In all likelihood, if they turned out to be jerks, they started out very charming and revealed their inner jerk somewhere down the road. And even still, the term "jerk" is defined entirely by opinion.

Women don't like boring men. Their sexual attraction is triggered by partners who seem somewhat challenging, adventurous, mysterious, maybe even a little bit dangerous. This goes for both straight women and lesbians. It is typically believed the reason for this is because these are also traits that often indicate alphas or alpha males in primate species. We also know that women are far more affected by pheromones than men are. And we know that when men behave more aggressively and excited, they produce a higher level of pheromone activity.

Stick to the science and stop wasting time on speculative pseudo-science journalism. That stuff will only rot your brains. And if you are already having trouble with women, brain rot isn't going to help.