If we read the real history, we wouldn't possibly support or make excuses for Zionist. People just keep spouting Zionist propaganda. They must've read a book recommended on the IDF site, like Dershowitz's or Joan Peters. "Israel wants to simply be left alone and to live in peace. Hamas needs to do is stop attacking Israel. It is the Palestinians that continue this conflict."

That's why it's started every war, cum the Yom Kippur in 1973. If it wanted peace, it'd have agreed to the 2 state solution given by the UN. It's the Zionists bigoted views that the land belongs to the chosen people and has seen the Arabs as non human and displaced 750,000 in the first year of their ethnic cleansing campaign.

Israel have the right to exist based on the Pre-1967 borders. It does not however have the right to existance via occupation of someone elses land. It has no right to lay siege on people reducing them to prisoners and refugees in their own land and killing them indiscriminately when they legaly resist. The United States on behalf the United Nations sanctions Palestinian resistance by whatever means necessary. So, it's ok for alleged relations of Hebrews 3000 years ago to return, but not people who still alive and probably have the keys to their homes? Seems a very sane biblical prophecy.

Zionist are terrorists by definition. "Those neutral in times of injustice are on the side of the oppressor." It is looking like 2008 all over again. With the weaponry Israel has, it could easily avoid civilian casualties, but it doesn't want to, and it doesn't need to, because whatever bullshit excuse is spewed out, ignorants across the world will believe it. In the 2008/9 "war" (massacre), the death tolls were 13 Israelis killed, 10 of those soldiers and half of those killed in friendly fire attacks. 1400 Palestinians were killed, 4/5's of those being civilians. The ratio of civilians killed were 400 Palestinians for every Israeli.

Dogmatic people refuse to see the truth. It's like talking to a brick wall with the brainwashed Americans. I am not anti-Semitic, clearly not everyone who is airing their outrage at Zionist's actions is anti-Jew. But that is the new equivalent or the ratial trump card. You wanna talk about terrorism. Terrorism is occupying, segregating, and treating people like dirt. You wanna talk about hypocrisy. Hypocrysy is pretending you want peace then breaking sieze fires when there is actually any peace around.

Your response to Hamas as the real terrorist has been disproportionate and overwhelmingly beyond any concideration of civilian lives. You think you can keep wiping dead palestinian blood on Hamas? Not happening. I condemn Zionist for the violence and the murderous valour it has acted with. They have shown they are nothing but blood thirsty bully with no regard of life unless it’s an israeli life. That is hypocrisy. Masquerading murder as self defense. That is hypocrisy.

Hamas does indeed fire many armed, warheadless rockets at Israel which are basically large bullets incapable of breaching the wall of any concrete structure. But the idea that this terror inflicted upon Israel is equivalent to what Israel daily inflicts upon Palestinians is ignorant.

So, you only care that Israel gets what it wants? But freeing Gaza from its prison life aren't unreasonable demands? Hamas is a resistance organization. Take away the reason for there to be a resistance to Israel's crimes, and there’s no Hamas. Israel are to blame and they need to be stopped. The US needs to stop funding them. Hamas agreed to the peace terms set out by the EU and the US. Israel doesn't want peace and never has. Israel is in no position to make demands as it has been breaking International Law for over 50 years.

The intentions is that there has not been peace for years, Israel doesn't want peace. It uses peace processes as a lie to continue bulldozing Palestinian homes to build more Israeli settlements. Not once during any of these peace processes where Israel has even agreed to cease settlement construction. You cannot have peace when you daily being persecuted and assaulted. Palestinians would return to the proposed Palestinian state, but it's too late for that as Israel made its intentions clear by building illegal settlements for decades, this shows they never wanted peace.

Hamas last year (http://bit.ly/1p5Mfub) reiterated what it has been saying for years (http://bbc.in/1rpA2D4) that it would accept a a two-state solution based on the 1968 border agreement. But Israel has never taken the peace agreements seriously. During every (http://bit.ly/1nuLeJI) peace talk, Israel has announced new settlements (http://reut.rs/1oGxFrB) to be built (http://huff.to/1mfVODS). How genuine are the Israelis when they use peace negotiations as an excuse to expand their territory?

Yeah, the IDF and Zionist propaganda sites are validated references, but the others aren't. Norman Finkelstein has been studying the conflict for 32 years and has been validated by the leading figure on Holocaust studies. Finkelstein knows the facts and knows more than anyone else on this planet about the subject, read more about his views. Open your heart, open your brain.

And why do you keep repeating fake Israeli claims? All the human rights organizations seem to come to a consensus on what happens, and it's usually the complete opposite of what Israel claims. Not because they're slanted, but because Israel lies. B'Tselem is an Israeli Human Rights group, and have been attacked by Israel. And also Amnesty International. The Red Cross. The list goes on.

Well you cannot claim to be unbiased while quoting the Israelis, I'm sorry but how is that even logic, you want me to believe that you do not favour one for the other yet you use same wording as the Israeli, I see you not capable of honestly represent yourself. Are those Human Rights organizations just couldn't possibly be reporting the truth? And hundreds of thousands protester in New York, London, and elsewhere?

Zionist Israel needs to fall like Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa.