I think it is wrong that people discourage their children from getting rich or haven't made the reality clear to them, because the society we live in is different. Almost everything depends on money in this corrupt society and change on a large scale or important ones are possible only if you got enough money for it. This is reality; money, power, respect and change for good are all connected to each other. Money is not evil but evil are the ones that tell people: it is good to be poor. Sure you can't buy love or happiness directly with money, but you can buy the time to spend with your loved ones and be healthy and happy. Get rich first and find out for yourself if it's evil or not.

It always seems there's a ruling class wanting to tell people it's better for your soul to have a little than a lot so that they can keep people in poverty and then turn around and exploit their poverty, doesn't it?

If I had kids, I wouldn't want them to grow up thinking that the accumulation of money is all that matters and, on the other hand, I wouldn't want them to grow up thinking that money is poison in and of itself. I think I'd want to teach my kids that money is a tool and that they should own their money and not vice versa because it's greed for money that's the thing to avoid and can take the shape of such evil.