"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." ~ Albert Einstein

Do you know what I learned from my education? The value of research. It is from research that I learned that Einstein never said this quote. The first time it appears in print as a quote from Einstein is in a book written in 1999. There is no other record of Einstein ever saying it. It is also often misattributed to Mark Twain’s "I have never let my school interfere with my education." He didn’t say it either. Based on his real statements, Einstein loved school and was a straight student.

Education, bitches.

If you were unlucky enough to end up at a lousy school, well that is just terrible for you. But the worse thing you can get out of the experience is a lack of respect for the power and talent that a good and thorough education can give you, if you care enough to pay attention in class, that is.

Probably the worse thing you can say about education is that employers often assume that just because someone got their degree at a good school means they learned something while they were there. But that just shows you how powerful education really is in the real world. Just a suggestion that you have one can get you pretty far. It would be nice if you actually picked some things up while you were in school, though.