Judging others is judging a part of yourself. Try to find out why you judge, you’ll find the answer of your judgement. Judging others is merely a way of dealing with (or not dealing with) your own feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, lack of love in your life. We displace our emotions or project them more or less onto others. When you are judging a man for his possessions or looks, prowess with women, etc, you are looking at your own situation simultaneously and evaluating the lack of those things as negative.

In other words, the one that are judging have a higher opinion of what they are really. But I know these things and still judge instead. The best I can do is recognize that I do it. Reflecting on this, it may be fundamental to the mind. The mind, to work, looks for differences and assigns value. One solution is to see that we have limited knowledge and understanding, so our judgements are uninformed. This is an uncomfortable truth for some.

The judge is to satisfy the unsatisfied desires in yourself to the best of your ability. If you have not had a satisfying sex life then you must rectify that, or envy porn stars for the rest of your life.

Sometimes I feel like I’m being judged. However, if it ends up badly, I have no regrets. Mistakes bring change. Change gets you somewhere else in life. And looking back at all the things you did wrong, and why you did them, and the consequences of them will make you realize a lot about yourself and about your "victim" that you did not realize before. This knowledge can be used to improve yourself.