If you are in a committed relationship, but participate in flirting, the first sign of trouble is when you feel the need to delete, hide, or lie about said interaction.

Cheating is cheating. Doesn’t matter if online, in person, sexual, or emotional. If your single, do whatever you like, if you’re taken you should know better.

Anyone can flirt or cheat on their partner, but only someone who is free from the ignorance of selfish pride has the freedom to choose not to.

The end of a relationship feels like a life lost. When you love so deeply and put forth so much time and effort, it’s like you don’t want to let go because you are waiting for it to be worth it, waiting for all that pain to pay off. It’s like a death and the idea of bringing back to life is so enticing … and the reality of the fact that it won’t hurts too much, so you continue to abuse yourself.

The answer is simple. If the behavior / conversation cannot be shared with your partner, then it shouldn’t be happening. I also believe there is a certain amount of cognition that is required, while your communication may be harmless at face value, ask yourself how "could" this be perceived? Just asking that question could save yourself from being confronted by what you thought was harmless flirting, and what others thought your intentions might have been.

I’m a firm believer--once trust is broken, it cannot be fully restored.

Every relationship has a different set of boundaries. It is every couples responsibility to talk to their partner and agree on those boundaries. Anything that oversteps that boundary is cheating.

If your EGO needs that sensation crap … grow up. Save your energy for the person you’re with. Solve the problems in your own relationship and in your own personal life then you won’t need to FLIRT anyone but your own MATE.