Government is a legal monopoly on the use of force or coercion. Freedom is the absence of coercion. Thus, government is antithetical to freedom. Relying on the collectivist control to protect your individual freedoms is foolish, to say the least. Government is the biggest violator of individual liberty.

You support redistribution of wealth through taxation to support politicians, their cronies, and their mercenaries. You support the state’s maintaining monopolies funded through redistribution of wealth. Don’t bloody deny it.

Anarchy is essentially self-govern and individual freedom. Anarchy means "no government," not "no law." The law is too important to be trusted to government, therefore anarchists maintain that there is no need for government.

And the irony … mankind as a whole is incapable of enforcing its own laws, it is why government was made to begin with. Again, an utopian pipe dream.

Anarchy last for about 5 minutes. It lasts until the biggest strongest guy with the most friends and power starts enforcing his rules. Luckily, we has decent men set up a government rather than a dictatorship. Either way, at the moment of anarchy, a government or dictatorship start to form.

Of course, these men were not descent and probably would be considered psychopaths if they lived in todays times. However, they did set up a government. Could have been a lot worse.

I just don’t think anarchy exists, I don’t think it ever has. In any individual group-situation, some kind of group-leadership will always form.

Anarchy is as lofty a goal as democracy: both banking on the assumption that humans are sane and rational species. Such a big LOL.

People are able to kill each other in any system that educates people in the ways of competition and ignorance in order to perpetuate our self. We want individual liberty, but without collective law and order, a tyrant will always step up.