Do you think it’s always wrong to hate a person? Can you love the sinner but hate the sin? Are people really separable from their action? Can you hate rape and love the rapist? I say it is not always wrong to hate a person. That kind of absolute statement leaves me cold.

Anger towards something or someone is part of our fight or flight response which has helped us to defend ourselves during evolution. This a knee-jerk reaction which is almost guaranteed during at the first few moments of the strong displeasement that occurs.

Fortunately for us as homosapiens, the prefrontal cortex that popped up during evolution can over-ride these lower brain reactions and give us this ability to rationalize the situation and permissively adjust our expectations with reality.

This is not just an intelligence issue, a new social model is needed that would greatly reduce the amount of conflict that a lot of people think is "natural" today. I think some people forgot to evolve when they were handing out this evolution I speak of. I think society never got the memo.

Real threats deserve fair anger. It would be more than weird to never be angry or express that emotion. Often times, anger is a strong motivator, inspiring people to make changes. It’s no good when a person loses control though. It is always best to think before acting, or reacting.

There are many reasons a person can become angry. You need to ruminate, and give it some great thought to figure out exactly what is making you feel the way that you do. Then you need to decide if that anger is justified. Then determine how to change the way that you think, or eliminate those triggers.

Anger comes from fear, it is a product of a natural instinct we use to protect ourselves from harm. I have tried to reduce and eliminate anger in myself. It needs to be there and must ready for my protection. Without anger I feel a defence is missing. Not good.