What makes a man as a man, I'll tell you what makes a man from my perspective. He must be strong emotionally, close to his emotions, observant, understanding, ready to defend the weak, the innocent, the defenseless. He listens more than he speaks, but when he speaks, he speaks common sense in order for all to reflect. He is not impress by anyone, no matter what their education background, but will keep an attention ear to the critical thinkers. He needs some intellectual stimulation. He is respectful to everyone and is comfortable with his masculinity and he is friends with everyone, no matter the race, sexual attraction, age. A man as an openness to variety, he always as a smile, he is authentic, kind, he will tell you the truth even if it hurts, he will not comfort you with lies. He wants justice, he wants peace.

A man is responsible, can defend him self and those he cares about, and is not abusive. A man is someone who can take responsibility for what he does and has done and he doesn't make excuses.