On average women are more attracted to the way a man can make them feel. Safety being one key emotion for most women, since finding a secure mate has been a large proponent of mate selection throughout human evolution. With that said security is a largely subjective term. Some women feel more secure with a rich man others with a nice one.

Not that it would be any better answered by a woman, perhaps only marginally. As if one woman could speak for a whole gender, but I suppose it would be better than someone speaking for a whole gender that isn't even a part of it--which is me.

If what I said was true totally (about safety) that completely ignores the phenomenon of women liking "bad boys." And there are studies which indicate that what women find attractive changes in sync with the menstrual cycle even. It's pretty interesting.

The first thing to remember here is that there are NO certainties or absolutes. There are only generalities. On a primal level, women look for men who can make them feel wanted and desired and cherished, whilst men look for a woman who is beautiful enough to carry on his genes and will be a good mother and companion and she must know how to make him feel needed and useful. Where this runs into trouble is when the woman is not treated as if he is wanted, desired, or cherished and men are left feeling unneeded and not useful.

A man's desire is to provide and protect, a woman's desire is to nurture, guide, and support. However, we are living in times where there is more role reversal than ever, so definitive lines cannot be drawn. Because a woman generally wants to feel desired, cherished and wanted, she will indeed look much more toward a man's personality. As I said before, times are changing. Our minds are evolving. Now, women are looking so much more for an involved father for their children. In past generations, this was not given much thought at all. Men provided, women cared for children and the home. So I think we need to be careful how we form opinions about this.

Men are becoming softer and more involved in family life, and women are making this more of a requirement now, and men (and societal pressures) are making it more of a requirement that women go out and win some fortune too. Everything I have said here has the final result of creating a very wide variety of men and women with lots of overlapping and role reversals. Could this be that we simply have more freedom to be who we are? I like to think so.

If you're normal you will get bored with loving yourself and begin loving what is not yourself.