Many people see human beings / nature as having "intrinsic value." Value is an attribute we project onto things based on our relationship to them and what needs and desires we think they will help meet. It seems that ideas like objective morality, absolute good, equality, justice are based on this same concept.

I repeat. Morality, equality, justice are based on the same concept: an attribute we project onto things based on our relation to it. Very simple. Even though we have the maximum amount of humanity in our heart, we just cant build a same solid connection to every disaster in the world. Subjectivity will choose. We will make priority.

Moral is an empty concept, until our connection / relation / projection to others will fill it with definition. The intrinsic nature of being has nothing to do with empathy. Empathy is a choice, not a state. Equality is only the concept of lack of difference, just like infinite is just lack of finite. Justice is understood well only when it is understood as karma, and deprived of all its moralism.

There is no intrinsic value, but there is the perception of values as being inherent within things, but there is no real objective basis for this at all. We may perceive intrinsic values in things, yet the idea that such values would exist without us first constructing them and projecting them is a mere assumption, despite what moralists want you to think.

The notions of "objective" and "value" are the notions we create. And if we create them, they mean something to us. I don't see how they can be "empty" or neutral, unless you are placing them in another context (larger), which we create anyway. The values come from within the mind. Nothing else is really certain about them. They are not inherent within things but are projected on to things. Nietzsche said, "There are no moral phenomena at all, only a moral interpretation of phenomena."