Why is it when people are insecure, they try and make others feel insecure?

Some people need to feel ratified. They would rather take the easy way out by finding flaws in others rather than true introspection and improve themselves. To level the field, and…to not be alone on that plight. Some of those individuals are not insecure, they are emotionally intelligent sociopaths who know how to work people.

It is manipulative and controlling. If someone is able to create doubt within yourself, you second guess your decisions and are less likely to act. It perpetuates dependency and isolation. Some people only feel good about themselves if they can get others build their lives around them. Center of the universe syndrome.

Insecurity occurs in relation to others. We feel as though we have less social value than them. Instead of working on ourselves we try to bring them down. If we can lower their social value to something less than our own perceived value, then we have raised our own relative to theirs. Most of the time, I don't think anyone sets about to do this consciously, but unconsciously I think that is exactly what is going on.

No one can "make" anyone feel anything. We may "allow" someone access to our emotional control panel but we hold the key. Doesn't insecurity have it's roots in loneliness? If someone is insecure finding acceptance in a peer group would seem so much healthier than falling on the "misery loves company" ethos.

Freedom is only there for those who can control their own mind and senses. If you can't do that, someone will take the wheel and do the control of your mind. Meaning, you are not a free individual.